Walk in Good Works

We are reminded that the Christian life isn’t so much about working, striving and toiling, as much as it is about allowing God to work in our lives and through our lives to accomplish His predetermined purpose for our lives.

Sunday Meditation (Philippians 4)

While there is no biblical foundation for celebrating the New Year as it falls on the Gregorian calendar, it provides a pause to rethink the way we live-out our daily routine. We can use the New Year to re-evaluate how we respond to the circumstances we face, the people we encounter and life itself.

Set Times

God is eternal and omniscient. He isn’t bound by time and space; and, unlike man sees all of history like a colossal appointment calendar. Transcending the time space continuum, God has planned every date of the grand calendar of history and knows what He has purposed for each nanosecond. There is a “set time” for every detail of God’s plan and purpose to be fulfilled.

Look Again! (John 1:14)

With centuries of visual depictions from which to draw, our imaginations are quick to conjure a romantic picture of the place where God entered time and space. We may envision a rustic though charming little stable smelling of fresh straw and knotty pine—a quaint secluded alcove removed from the noise and commotion of Bethlehem bulging at the seams with travelers.