The Bible is the FOUNDATION for life.

The Bible is the FOUNDATION for life.


Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I posted the first installment for a FOUNDATION series that features prophetic Bible passages related to the reborn nation of Israel.

In conversations with Christians, an astonishing number confess they are unaware of the many Bible passages describing God’s plan to not only preserve the Jewish people, but also restore and prosper them in their ancient homeland.

Sadly, much of the Old Testament has been neglected by pastors or co-opted by churches embracing Replacement Theology. Consequently, rather than recognizing the modern State of Israel as a miraculous demonstration of God’s faithfulness, their perception is often skewed.

I have long contended that the best way to inform about Israel—both ancient and modern—is to turn back to the Bible. God’s Word is the ultimate source for grasping the biblical foundation of history, fulfilled prophecy and still future events.

God plainly declares that His Word, “shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Isa. 55:11). If you share my passion for Israel and burden to communicate biblical truth, please know it’s FAIR TO SHARE these posts with those in your sphere of influence. The posts take less than 2 minutes to read; just click on the hotlink at

Rev. Charles E. McCracken.I love hearing from you; so let me know how God is using these amazing prophetic passages in your life and with others!

May God bless you for your love for Israel! Thanks for all you do to support my ministry.

Stay strong in the faith,




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  1. Dear brother in Christ, I share your passion for standing with God’s chosen people Israel and will share your posts with others. Be also assured of my prayers and support.

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