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Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) in flight, Mazkeret Batya, Israel.


The word “wait” is the exact opposite of frantically trying to make something happen before its time on a self-determined timetable. Wait conveys persistent expectancy—waiting on God to accomplish His purpose at His appointed time.

God’s Amazing Grace

Read carefully what Scripture records upon the occasion of Solomon’s birth: Now the Lord loved him (v. 24). This was not a grudging concession on God’s part. Nor was Solomon considered just another son among many in David’s household. God loved Solomon!

David’s Humility

David’s strategic plan envisioned the building of a temple to Jehovah in Jerusalem. God confirmed Jerusalem would indeed become the spiritual center of Israel, but David would not build the temple. Instead, God guaranteed David a perpetual posterity, an everlasting kingdom and an eternal throne. David’s response is an amazing demonstration of his true character.

Michal Despises David from a Window. By James Tissot.

Dancing Before the Lord

One of the most emotional moments I’ve experienced took place at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Erev Shabbat (Eve of Sabbath). Spontaneously, three or four men began energetically dancing the horah at the center of the Western Wall Plaza. Within seconds, the number grew to hundreds. In minutes there were several circles with thousands of men enthusiastically dancing and singing. . .The extreme joy of the participating throngs was palpable, invigorating and never to be forgotten.

Emek Refaim Street sign (lit. Valley of Refaim Street; a Jerusalem street that descends into the Valley of Rephaim).

Miraculous Breakthrough—Winning Strategy

Living in the capital city of Jerusalem, David reflected on his situation, “that the LORD had established him as king over Israel, and that He had exalted His kingdom for the sake of His people Israel” (1 Sam. 5:12). David humbly recognized his success was not proof of his own wisdom or ability; God was blessing His Chosen People, Israel, by exalting David’s kingdom.

Godly Encouragement

“Oh, love the LORD, all you His saints! For the LORD preserves the faithful, and fully repays the proud person. Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD” (Ps. 31:23-24). Penned at one of the lowest points of David’s life, the extenuating circumstances are barely discernible in the 31st Psalm. Given the essential facts of David’s predicament in other passages, however, we can’t help but wonder why he didn’t succumb to despair.