FOUNDATION: I Will Not Forget You

I Will Not Forget You
Today’s Text: Isaiah 49:14-19, 22-23

The Bible is the foundation for life.

The Bible is the FOUNDATION for life.

Isaiah 49:14-19, 22-23

But Zion said,

“’The LORD has forsaken me, and my LORD has forgotten me.’

Jerusalem Panorama.

Jerusalem Panorama.

‘Can a woman forget her nursing child,
And not have compassion on the son of her womb?

Surely they may forget,
Yet I will not forget you.

See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
Your walls are continually before Me.

Your sons shall make haste;
Your destroyers and those who laid you waste
Shall go away from you.

Lift up your eyes, look around and see;
All these gather together and come to you.

As I live,” says the LORD,

“You shall surely clothe yourselves with them all as an ornament,
And bind them on you as a bride does.

For your waste and desolate places,
And the land of your destruction,
Will even now be too small for the inhabitants;
And those who swallowed you up will be far away.”

Thus says the Lord GOD:

“Behold, I will lift My hand in an oath to the nations,
And set up My standard for the peoples;
They shall bring your sons in their arms,
And your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders;

Kings shall be your foster fathers,
And their queens your nursing mothers;
They shall bow down to you with their faces to the earth,
And lick up the dust of your feet.

Then you will know that I am the LORD,
For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.”


Based on the veracity of His Word, God will never forget Israel!


Charles E. McCracken in Jerusalem. Biblically Authentic - Standing with Israel

Charles E. McCracken is an international Bible teacher, long-time friend of Israel and advocate for the Jewish people. Known for authenticity in communicating biblical truth, Rev. McCracken’s presentations have relevance for those seeking to understand the significance of Israel and the church. He staunchly supports the nation of Israel and the Jewish people’s right to exist and live in peace.

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