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Biblically Authentic – Standing With Israel




Biblically Authentic

All sixty-six books of the Bible constitute the inspired, revealed word of God and are the final authority in all matters relating to life (Isa. 40:8; 2 Tim. 3:16-17).

Scripture is taught with integrity by uniformly applying a literal, historical, grammatical method of interpretation where words mean what they normally mean in a given context (Ps. 119:16, 89, 93; 2 Pet. 1:20)


Standing With Israel

Israel is distinct from the church and central to God’s past, present and future plans for history (Deut. 7:6; 1 Ki. 8:53; Acts 2:1-42; Acts 11:26).

The church has not replaced Israel or the Jewish people in God’s plan or purpose.  God’s unilateral covenants with Israel will be literally fulfilled to Israel (Gen. 12:1-3, 7; 13:14-17; 15:1-21; 22:15-18; Rm. 11:1-5).

Solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people is right—morally, politically and spiritually (Isa. 40:1; Mt. 25:31-46).


Rev. Charles Ernest McCracken

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