Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day America!




Fourth of July fireworks at the Washington Monument.

Today, those living in the United States are celebrating the nation’s independence. I thank God daily for the biblically based foundational principles that allow a level of freedom unknown in much of the world:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”


The above Bible passage is found in the context of Solomon’s dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem and is tied specifically to God’s covenant relationship with the nation of Israel.  There is, however, a sense that when an individual or nation comes before God in humility and repentance, God hears that prayer and offers forgiveness.

No nation is perfect; and, there is always a need for collective humility and repentance. There is hope, however, in the fact that when a society recognizes the consequences of ignoring God and returns to Him, there is forgiveness and healing for that land.

On April 25, 2016, congressional leaders met on Capitol Hill for a televised prayer meeting known as “Washington: a Man of Prayer,” an annual event begun in 2013.  Prayer lead by national leaders is a first step in returning to God.  Next, Americans can choose to use their example as a personal template to embrace the Judeo-Christian principles that shaped Western culture.

As you celebrate, use the day to pray not only for national leaders, but for the well-being of the nation that was founded on godly principles.


Rev. Charles E. McCracken. Biblically Authentic - Standing with Israel.

Charles E. McCracken is an international Bible teacher, long-time friend of Israel and advocate for the Jewish people. Known for authentically communicating biblical truth, Rev. McCracken’s presentations are relevant for those seeking to understand the significance of Israel and the church in Bible prophecy. He staunchly supports the nation of Israel and the Jewish people’s right to exist and live in peace.

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1) Fourth of July fireworks at the Washington Monument. By Camera Operator: SSGT. LONO KOLLARS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons – Enhancement: MKM Portfolios