Psalm 37:27-34, 37


David enjoyed an amazing relationship with God. Some 3,000 years later, his words still instruct those desiring to live a life that pleases God:


Psalm 37:27-34, 37

Depart from evil, and do good;
And dwell forevermore.

The first baby delivered at the Israel Defense Forces Field Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 17, 2010. The mother arrived at the hospital and shortly thereafter gave birth to a healthy boy whom she named Israel! After the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, Israel sent an aid delegation of over 250 personnel to help with search and rescue efforts and established a field hospital in Port-au-Prince. By Israel Defense Forces [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons – Enhancement: MKM Portfolios

For the Lord loves justice,
And does not forsake His saints;
They are preserved forever,

But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off.

The righteous shall inherit the land,
And dwell in it forever.

The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom,
And his tongue talks of justice.

The law of his God is in his heart;
None of his steps shall slide.

The wicked watches the righteous,
And seeks to slay him.

The Lord will not leave him in his hand,
Nor condemn him when he is judged.

Wait on the Lord,
And keep His way,
And He shall exalt you to inherit the land;

When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it.

Mark the blameless man, and observe the upright;
For the future of that man is peace.

God desires that wisdom, righteousness and justice characterize not only our personal lives, but also our dealings with others.  Notice the reciprocal benefits!  As you meditate on the verses from the 37th Psalm, ask the Lord how you can demonstrate these qualities today.