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Walk Worthy (Ephesians 4:1-3)

Our calling is to be a visible demonstration of God’s grace. To walk worthy of our calling is important for every Christian, but especially as we relate to one another within the body of Christ. It isn’t a difficult concept. Summarized in three simple words, we need to “walk the talk.” Be real. Be authentic. Practice what you preach. Have integrity.

Walk in the Light

Because we love the hour of blue—that moment of intense twilight just between sunset and nightfall—my wife and I usually take our walk at this time of night and return home in the dark on most evenings. Walking in the dark can be lonely, even frightening. But, it’s much easier if you brought a flashlight! With the beam illuminating the path, you can identify obstacles and avoid stumbling.

Walk in Good Works

We are reminded that the Christian life isn’t so much about working, striving and toiling, as much as it is about allowing God to work in our lives and through our lives to accomplish His predetermined purpose for our lives.