Personal Peace (Isaiah 26:3)

The angel’s message of peace on the night of the Nativity can be a reality in your life. You can choose to live in the personal peace that comes as a result of trusting God. And, when you do, your life will exemplify God’s peace in all your interactions with those you meet throughout the day.

Peace On Earth (Luke 2:14)

Together—you and I along with other people of faith—can be instrumental in affirming that God not only knows about the chaotic reverberations of our day-to-day reality, He alone can right the wrongs in the world so that the message of peace, goodwill toward men can ring out loud and clear!

Christmas Joy (Luke 2:10)

The angel’s message of “good tidings of great joy,” was rooted in the fulfillment of the plan of God’s gift of redemption made available to all men through the person of Jesus Christ. Not only is He the “reason for the season,” Jesus is the source of joy associated with Christmas.

Hope is Born (Isaiah 9:1-2)

For people of faith, Simeon’s words are a compelling confirmation that Old Testament prophecy has been fulfilled concerning the birth of the Messiah. Simeon’s words also reflect praise along with a definitive message of hope extended to the whole world!

God’s Unfolding Plan (Matthew 1:20-21)

Every Christmas season is a striking reminder of God’s faithfulness in sending the promised Redeemer. Rather than allowing the pressure of frenetic activity during the holiday season to cause stress and anxiety, focus your heart and mind on God’s wonderful gift that makes redemption available to the whole world!

The Promise (Luke 1:46, 55)

The Nativity was the culmination of critical events planned and choreographed by God that climaxed in the birth of His Son. Christians celebrating Christmas in the 21st century rightly focus on the night Jesus was born! Give Him glory and praise!!

Cherubim (Ezekiel 1:13-14)

Cherubim are immensely powerful beings intimately connected to God who function as His ministering servants in accomplishing His direct will. Whether recognized as such in artistic depictions, people of faith can rely on the veracity of Bible as the foundation for our understanding.