Shepherds' Fields east of Bethlehem. (circa. 1898-1946).

Share the Joy!

Temple shepherds were the first to hear the angelic announcement of Jesus’ birth. The angel’s message brought overwhelming joy to the shepherds because their knowledge of Scripture undoubtedly included the prophecies concerning the Messiah.

Personal Peace (Isaiah 26:3)

Our romanticized impressions of that historic moment of the angelic announcement to the shepherds often fails to take into account the tumultuous tyranny of Roman occupation in Israel. The reality of peace must have seemed elusive to shepherds who first heard the message of, “peace, goodwill toward men.”

La cloche de l'église Saint Nicolas (The Bell of the Church of Saint Nicolas).

Peace On Earth (Luke 2:14)

Together—you and I along with other people of faith—can be instrumental in affirming that God not only knows about the chaotic reverberations of our day-to-day reality, He alone can right the wrongs in the world so that the message of peace, goodwill toward men can ring out loud and clear!