The Battle Is the Lord’s

Militarily, the situation should never have unfolded the way it did. The Philistines were moving toward the heartland of Israel from Gath on the coastal plane. Israel’s army blocked their advancement toward the population centers of Judea, but stopped short of engagement.

Walk Worthy (Ephesians 4:1-3)

Our calling is to be a visible demonstration of God’s grace. To walk worthy of our calling is important for every Christian, but especially as we relate to one another within the body of Christ. It isn’t a difficult concept. Summarized in three simple words, we need to “walk the talk.” Be real. Be authentic. Practice what you preach. Have integrity.

Sunset in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Walk in the Light

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect in order to have a relationship with Him. He desires fellowship with us in spite of our imperfections. However, He doesn’t simply excuse or overlook sin in our lives. Rather, He has made absolute provision for sin.