Holy Week

Trusting God in Unknown Territory

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Dear Supporters and Friends,

The last time Easter Sunday services were cancelled, my wife and I were teenagers.  A freak storm dumped more than three feet of snow on Billings, Montana where my Dad pastored a large church. After conferring with the elders, he determined the risk was too great to the congregation. It was the first time in our lives we would not attend services on Resurrection Sunday.

The snow storm did not, however, prevent Dad from trudging a mile to the church to preach his message in time for the regular radio broadcast called, “The Church of the Air.”

That year was the most memorable Resurrection Sunday, until now.  Just like the unexpected snow storm, no one could have imagined the circumstances that prevent us from meeting together to celebrate the risen Lord.

The obvious difference is that there are many options available to keep us connected with each other today.  Because of the coronavirus, God is allowing us to stretch our abilities and innovate through technology we may have not explored otherwise. It’s a time of growing and trusting God in unknown territory.

I hope the undeniable power of our living Lord will be the source of your joy on this unique Resurrection Sunday.  May God’s protection and blessing of  health be with you in the coming days and weeks.

He Is Risen—He Is Risen Indeed!


Charles McCracken
Executive Director, Olive Tree Alliance

2020.04.11_Resurrection Sunday_featured

But now Christ is risen from the dead,
And has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.

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